Northern Lights Shoot

  • Location: High Prairie
  • Dates: Jul. 8, 2022 to Jul. 10, 2022

Details and Results

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We are hoping that you will be able to post the following results on the website please.

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Day One


Event #1 Singles

A-Rodney Smith-88

B-Billy Leschuk-85

C-Liam Bilyk-86


Event #2 Handicap

Cam Schole 81 Short

Fred Bihun 79 Mid

Rodney Smith 86 Long


Event #3 Doubles

A-Rodney Smith -92

B-Billy Leschuk-59

C-Fred Bihun-83


Day 2


Event #4 Doubles

A-Rodney Smith-95

B-Fred Bihun-74

C-Jack Broadfoot-74


Event #5 Singles

A-Rodney Smith-88

B-Liam Bilyk-92

C-Sam Basarab-90


Event #6 Handicap

Dominic Juckes-90-Short

Jack Broadfoot-81-Mid

Rodney Smith-75-Long



524-Rodney Smith


High-Over-All Club Member

464-Sam Basarab


New ATA Shooters

Thomas Basarab

Garry M Basarab

Deanna Basarab

Abby Bilyk

Levi Bilyk

Kelsey LM Bilyk

John W Paddon


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