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Shoot Year at a Glance
May 4,5 Calgary Holdsworth-Nattrass
May 11,12 Dvine Trap Range D Hazen All Peace Shoot
May 18,19 Edmonton Memorial Shoot
May 24,25,26 Medicine Hat Rattler Classic
Jun 1,2 Calgary Fuller-Manning
Jun 8,9 Athabasca Andy Wood Memorial
Jun 14,15,16 Castor 37th Ann. Trophy Shoot
Jun 22,23 Stettler Rob Docherty Memorial
Jun 26,27,28,29,30 Vancouver Canadians
Jul 6,7 Edmonton City Championship
Jul 10,11,12,13,14 Calgary Stampede Grand
Jul 17,18,19,20,21 Edmonton 73rd Alberta Provincials/ Western Zones
Aug 2,3,4 High Prairie Northern Lights
Aug 9,10,11 Medicine Hat Mad Hatter
Aug 16,17,18 Calgary Rose Bowl
Aug 23,24,25 Wainright Bert Brumwell Mem.
Aug 31 to Sep 1 Edmonton Gold Leaf Shoot
Sep 7,8 Athabasca unkown
Sep 14 Castor National Trap Day
Sep 15 Calgary National Trap Day
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Welcome to the APTA is the online home of the APTA, and the Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Championships! Here you can find event dates, host locations and contacts, as well as past champions and current programs. and the APTA are dedicated to the continued development of our sport, and to provide a forum for information and recognition of sponsors, contributors and past champions.

Purpose of the APTA

  • To maintain an affiliation with the Amateur Trapshooting Association
  • To control registered shooting in the province of Alberta in accordance with the rules of the ATA
  • To yearly organize and run the Alberta trapshooting provincials by the rules of the ATA
  • To promote a high degree of continuity in all ATA competitions in Alberta
  • To support by any means the existence and creation of the gun clubs promoting North American style Trapshooting in our province

New Shooter Mentorship program

This program is designed to help new shooters through there first Alberta ATA shoot. The shooter will be contacted by their mentor and arrangements will be made to meet at the shoot. The mentor will help with registration and explain the  classing system. They will explain the bank board and get the new shooter to their first trap round and answer any questions that they can about trap shooting.  Any questions a new shooter may have about being mentored or becoming a mentor please contact Jesse Smith a text is preferred 780 523 6032 


May 17/24

   Congratulations going out to Kevin Hammel of Grande Prairie. Yesterday in the BC provincials in Vernon he shot his first Hundred straight in doubles. 

May 13th/24

 It took me a day of rest before i could write about the Dvine Shoot. It gets hectic with all the fun and games. The scores were good, in fact really good. Tanasity Smith 98 in the cap, Jesse Smith 97 in Doubles and 98 by Dave Jefferies won the singles both days.  Dave Jefferies of kamloops had an Hoa score of 572. It may end up being the highest 600 score this year in Alberta. Last year's high for a 600 bird event was 573 by Brad Johnson.  But the great scores are not really as important as the time we had and where the people came from to have fun...  The pickrel and the steak were outstanding and the homemade pies and fries had people going back for seconds.  When you get compliments like "this has been the best shoot i have ever attended   i guess i looked at him like he wasnt serious he said  iam not kidding, i have went to a lot of shoots" That same gentlemen had said 8 years ago he would never shoot an ATA event again. His compliment makes you happy because thats a compliment to your community, your friends, your volunteers, your facility, your family and the people who come to compete. That combination of things is what makes an event special. Treat others the way you wish to be treated and life is generally good.  It goes along way in keeping people happy.  29 people from Saskatchewan Alberta and BC attended the 3 day event. 6 were first time ATA shooters 5 of them have many registered PITA targets. One of the new shooters it was a first time for any kind of  targets and that was Randy Gilchrist from Calgary. We welcome him to the APTA.  Dvine wants to thank everyone from across the western prairies for coming to support Alberta trap shooting and having fun with us.

May 7th/24 

 Sorry for the slow update but we have been seeding. The first shoot of the year in Calgary saw some cool weather and a little winter rust on the shooters. Lorne Umschied last years most Alberta targets winner won the HOA with a 519 and gained a half yard to put him on the 26. Thats a good way to start the season Lorne Congrats. 27 shooters were out for the singles on Saturday with Bob Gruszecki getting the win with a 97. Bob was also tied with lorne Umschied for high in the Saturday handicap with scores of 89. 89 was also the high in doubles by James Maclean. Sunday doubles was won by Rod Hymus with a 92. His 92 was the high by six birds. Colin Crumb had 96 in singles and Gill Navkaran had 93 in the cap to take the Sunday events.  Jesse Gorluik and Johnash Toor both shot there first ATA targets and the APTA welcomes them to the sport. Next weekends shoot is the DVine.

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TEAM NAME POSITION Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Post Progressive Total Notes:  
Dvine Wine                    
Peavine Metis Settlement Singles                  
Jesse Smith Post 1 24           24      
Justus Smith Post 2 22           22      
Lynn Smith Post 3 22           22      
Ashton Halderson Post 4 15           15      
Tanasity Smith Post 5 20           20      
  S W Total 103 0 0 0 0 0 103 103    
Jesse Smith Post 1 24           24      
Justus Smith Post 2 21           21      
Lynn Smith Post 3 23           23      
Ashton Halderson Post 4 16           16      
Tanasity Smith Post 5 23           23      
  H W Total       0 0 107 0    
  Overall Total           210      
Stettler Pronature                    
Stettler Singles                  
Kyle McNally Post 1 22           22      
Ross Brown Post 2 22           22      
Greg Tschriter Post 3 17           17      
Todd Tschriter Post 4 15           15      
Ken Ried Post 5 16           16      
  S W Total 92 0 0 0 0 0 92 92    
Kyle McNally Post 1 24           24      
Ross Brown Post 2 22           22      
Greg Tschriter Post 3 13           13      
Todd Tschriter Post 4 11           11      
Ken Ried Post 5 24           24      
  H W Total 94 0 0 0 0 0 94 94    
  Overall Total           186      
Castor Raiders                    
Location Singles                  
Doug Hays Post 1 20           20      
Kathy Oram Post 2 11           11      
Ethan Meade Post 3 22           22      
Royce Bull Post 4 19           19      
Andrw Boxma Post 5 22           22      
  S W Total 94 0 0 0 0 0 94 94    
Doug Hays Post 1 19           19      
Kathy Oram Post 2 13           13      
Ethan Meade Post 3 19           19      
Royce Bull Post 4 19           19      
Andrw Boxma Post 5 16           16      
  Weekly Total 86 0 0 0 0 0 86 86    
  Overall Total           180      
Location Singles                  
Ross  Post 1 24           24      
Luke Post 2 24           24      
Gary Post 3 20           20      
Doug Post 4 20           20      
Jake Post 5 25           25      
  S W Total 113 0 0 0 0 0 113 113    
Ross Post 1 17           17      
Luke Post 2 15           15      
Gary Post 3 18           18      
Doug Post 4 20           20      
Jake Post 5 22           22      
  H W Total 92 0 0 0 0 0 92 92    
  Overall Total           205      


  1. The APTA league will run from the week of May 15th, to July 15 2024 in which you have time to enter 6 sets of scores
  2. There will be 5 shooters per team. Any shooter may shoot on multiple teams but must pay a separate league fee for each team.
  3. Each shooter on a team will shoot 25 targets from the 16 yard line for a total of 125 targets. The team's 16 yard total score will determine the team’s handicap yardage (refer to the Handicap Chart below). Each shooter on a team will then shoot 25 targets from the team’s handicap yardage for a total of 125 targets. Handicap yardage is only valid for one week and will be re‑established each week based on the team’s 16 yard total score for that week and where a shooter is absent, the score of the spare or the absent shooter’s previous week’s score will be used, as outlined in 5 below.
  4. If a team is participating in another league with the same structure as the APTA league (ie. at least 125 targets from 16 yards and at least 125 handicap targets shot from a handicap yardage that is the same as if determined using the Handicap Chart below), the team can submit the scores from the other league. If the other league is more than one round of singles and one round of handicap per week, the scores from the first round of singles and the first round of handicap are the scores that will be submitted to the APTA league. 
  5. A spare can be used if a shooter is unable to attend one or more weeks. Alternatively, a team may submit the absent shooter's 16 yard score and handicap score from the previous week, with a penalty of two targets deducted from the handicap score.
  6. Each club will decide which evening they want to throw targets for the league and the cost of targets and shells will be each club's business.
  7. Scores for each week are to be submitted by Thursday night of that week so we can get them posted on the website. Please submit scores to Jesse Smith at or the preferred way text to 780-523-6032.
  8. After 3 weeks of shooting the league will split into even numbers to compete against each other . A minimum of 5 teams per group a max of 7 depending on numbers entered. Team standings at the end of the league will be based on total team scores for all 6 weeks of the league.  The winning team from each group will each win 5 cases of shells. Ties will be decided by a count-back to scores from previous weeks. 
  9. The league fee will be $25/shooter for a total of $125/team. Cheques for fees are to be made payable to the Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association and sent to Jim Thomson 43 Discovery Ridge Mount SW, Calgary AB T3H 5G3 along with your team’s name and the names of the team’s members. Payment can also be made by E-transfer to
  10. Everyone is welcome to participate! This is a fun league and these targets will not be registered.




Team 16 Yard Score

Team Handicap Yardage

115 – 125

27 Yards

110 – 114

25 Yards

105 – 109

23 Yards

100 – 104

22 Yards

95 – 99

21 Yards

90 – 94

20 Yards

85 – 89

19 Yards

84 or less

18 Yards


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