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Wonderful shoot this weekend at Medicine Hat. Total of 24 shooters. The weather was perfect on Sunday. Congratulations to Dave Shiers of Edmonton with the winning score of 549. Close second was Jason Weaver of Edson with 548. Medicine Hat club was very thankfull to all those who came out to support their club. For full results of the shoot click on Shoot Calendar and Results at the top of the web page. then click on More Info and Results beside Rattler Classic.

Hello everyone, hopefully everyone is doing fine during the covid pandemic. Your board has discussed the upcoming shooting season via email and has come to some decisions. Provincials will not be cancelled at this time. Before June 30 we will revisit the subject and make a decision to postpone, cancel, or proceed with the event. As far as up coming shooting events, the provincial government has mandated that no groups greater than 15 are allowed to gather. clubs need to work within these rules. When the restrictions are softened, we will revisit the shoot schedule. As of May 1st Edmonton and Calgary have cancelled their first shoots. The province has considered lifting some restrictions on provincial parks, camping and other outdoor activities. Golf courses are being allowed to open with restrictions. This is all positive news.

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2020 at a Glance
Sep 6,7,8 Medicine Hat Fall Classic ATA Shoot
Sep 14,15 Athabasca Athabasca
Feb 17 to 23 Tucson, AZ 44th Spring Grand
May 2,3 Edmonton Spring Shoot (CANCELLED)
May 9,10 Calgary Holdsworth-Nattrass (CANCELLED)
May 22,23,24 Medicine Hat Rattler Classic
May 30,31 Edmonton Memorial Shoot (CANCELLED)
Jun 1 to 7 Vernal, UT 32nd Western Grand
Jun 5,6,7 Calgary Fuller-Manning
Jun 12,13,14 Castor Trophy Shoot
Jun 20,21 Athabasca Andy Wood Memorial (CANCELLED)
Jun 24,25,26,27,28 Edmonton 65th Canadian Championships
Jul 1,2,3,4,5 Calgary Stampede Grand
Jul 8,9,10,11,12 Helena, MT 126th Montana State
Jul 9,10,11,12 Swift Current Saskatchewan Provincals
Jul 10,11,12 High Prairie Northern Lights Shoot
Jul 15,16,17,18,19 Calgary Western Zone
Jul 22,23,24,25,26 Edmonton 70th Alberta Provincials
Jul 31 to Aug 2 Olds RR Brown Memorial
Aug 5 to 15 Sparta, IL 121st Grand American
Aug 8,9 Edmonton City Championships
Aug 14,15,16 Medicine Hat The Mad Hatter
Aug 21,22,23 Calgary Rose Bowl
Aug 28,29,30 Wainwright Summer's End
===== 2021 Shoot Year =====
Sep 5,6 Edmonton Golf Leaf Shoot
Sep 12,13 Athabasca Ellis Crumb Memorial
Sep 19 Castor National Trap Day
Sep 20 Calgary National Trap Day
Nov 4 to 15 Tucson, AZ 17th Autumn Grand
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  • To promote a high degree of continuity in all ATA competitions in Alberta
  • To support by any means the existence and creation of the gun clubs promoting North American style Trapshooting in our province


Welcome to the APTA is the online home of the APTA, and the Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Championships! Here you can find event dates, host locations and contacts, as well as past champions and current programs. and the APTA are dedicated to the continued development of our sport, and to provide a forum for information and recognition of sponsors, contributors and past champions.

Sorry for slow update on the spring grand but our data entry person is extremely green at this.   In the pre spring grand Art Peyton started by running the first 300 singles and winning HOA vet with a 1243 average of 95.61.  Rod hymas in event 14 won the handicap for 22-24 yards with 96.  The week of the Spring Grand started with event 15  singles where a 99 would have tied you for 126. Event 16 Handicap Colin Crumb  shot 97 to win Vet.  Event 17  Doubles  Garry Hill had 99 and lost the carry over for AA. Event 21 Doubles championship Bert Brumwell had 86 to win the chair. Event 22 handicap Garry hill won Vet with 95. Event 23 Singles championship Lorne Umscheid was runner up in A singles with a 197 and winning the shoot off with Stan baker from the videos Hunt the Rackett.   Event 24 championship handicap Larry Ivany shot a 97 but lost the runner up vet in a shoot off.  High  Albertan was Art Peyton with 1032. High  Canadain was Rod Boll with 1042 and finishing tied for 31st.  22 albertans attended.     

Our Sponsors

Thanks to Heather and Burt Brumwell and Leanne and Bill Martin for there matching five thousand dollars donations.

Thanks to Bayer who generously donated dinner at our provincial shoot.


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