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September 23/2020

The APTA would like to express its deepest condolences to Rod and Michelle Smith on the loss of their daughter. Kelsi Smith passed away on September 23 after a long battle with cancer. Kelsi was nineteen years old.

September 20/2020

Calgary National Trap Shooting day saw 22 shooters competing in near perfect conditions.  Dave Sheirs shot a perfect 100 straight in the singles event and went on to win the hoa with 279/300. Handicap was won by Daniel Lausen in a shoot off with Lynn Smith 24/23. ATA would like to welcome two first time shooters, Dale Davis and Barry Johnson. It is good to see new shooters out there having fun. Dale Davis even had a go at doubles which was nice to see.

September 19/2020

Some rare events during the Castor National Trap Day shoot. No wind and Brad Johnson shot the 4th ever 100 straight in singles. he now has 2 at the club, the other two where shot by Ron CrockFord and Trevor Dower this is no small feat, they have held shoots for 32 years. Johnson was on quite a role, shooting 95 in doubles, and winning HOA with a 282/300.  Larry Ivany making his first trip to castor was nice to see. Castor would like to thank everyone that came to support their club.

I would like to apologize to Rod Hymas for forgetting to congratulate him on his first hundred straight in singles at the Art Salt memorial in Vernon.  As I am told the hands were a little sweaty and the knees a bit weak but Rod is kind of use to this from his dragster racing days, good shooting Rod.

September 13/2020

It was cold and windy in Athabasca but 31 people braved the weather and competed on the newly formed cement pads.  Rod Smith  won his first tournament with a 568/600   a 94,7 average great shooting Rod. He also won a doubles event with a 94 and both cap events with a 96 and 94. Moving him back to the 25 yard line. His 96 victory was not without a hard fought shoot off  with Justus Smith, taking 100 birds to decide. 23-23-23-24 for Rod and 23-23-23-23 for Justus Smith. The last round being shot from the 27 yard yard line. Darin Schiller in his third shoot had 92 in singles to win C class. The APTA would  like to congratulate Sam Basarb on competing in his first ATA shoot and shooting all six hundred targets. Athabasca Trap Club would like to thank all the competitors and a special thanks to Doug Leong and Lorne Unscheild who traveled from the Medicine Hat area. Full details in shoot results.

September 6/2020

Edmonton had 23 entries. Dave Shier picked up a yard in the handicap with a 94 and 87. The APTA would like to welcome Tyson and Robin Bourassa, two new shooters who attended their first trap event. Darin Schiller attending only his second shoot got his first 25 straight, congratulations. Dave Shier took top honors with 554/600.

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2020 at a Glance
Sep 6,7,8 Medicine Hat Fall Classic ATA Shoot
Sep 14,15 Athabasca Athabasca
Feb 17 to 23 Tucson, AZ 44th Spring Grand
May 2,3 Edmonton Spring Shoot (CANCELLED)
May 9,10 Calgary Holdsworth-Nattrass (CANCELLED)
May 22,23,24 Medicine Hat Rattler Classic
May 30,31 Edmonton Memorial Shoot (CANCELLED)
Jun 1 to 7 Vernal, UT 32nd Western Grand
Jun 5,6,7 Calgary Fuller-Manning
Jun 12,13,14 Castor Trophy Shoot
Jun 20,21 Athabasca Andy Wood Memorial (CANCELLED)
Jun 24,25,26,27,28 Edmonton 65th Canadian Championships CANCELLED
Jul 1,2,3,4,5 Calgary Stampede Grand PROCEEDING AS PLANNED
Jul 8,9,10,11,12 Helena, MT 126th Montana State
Jul 9,10,11,12 Swift Current Saskatchewan Provincals
Jul 10,11,12 High Prairie Northern Lights Shoot
Jul 15,16,17,18,19 Calgary Western Zone
Jul 22,23,24,25,26 Edmonton 70th Alberta Provincials PROCEEDING AS PLANNED
Jul 31 to Aug 2 Olds RR Brown Memorial
Aug 5 to 15 Sparta, IL 121st Grand American
Aug 8,9 Edmonton City Championships
Aug 14,15,16 Medicine Hat The Mad Hatter
Aug 21,22,23 Calgary Rose Bowl
Aug 28,29,30 Wainwright Summer's End
===== 2021 Shoot Year =====
Sep 5,6 Edmonton Golf Leaf Shoot
Sep 12,13 Athabasca Ellis Crumb Memorial
Sep 19 Castor National Trap Day
Sep 20 Calgary National Trap Day
Nov 4 to 15 Tucson, AZ 17th Autumn Grand
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